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Explore Muskoka

Every season in Muskoka is unique and charming.

Whether you are visiting in the heat of the summer for the lakes, swimming and water sports, the cold of the winter for the skating, cross-country skiing and snowshoeing, the cool autumn months for the hiking and leaf peaking or the rejuvenating spring air for the waterfalls and festivals, discover all there is to do in every weather condition

Discover Muskoka

Explore local attractions. 

Image by Ariana Kaminski

Things to Do

Unique experiences are made in Muskoka. Check out all there is to do.

Where to Eat

From farm-to-table, local coffee and bakeries, craft beer and wine, casual dining, fine dining and take out, whatever your tastebuds are calling for you will find in Muskoka.

Our Recommendations

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We highly recommend Hardy Lake! It's only minutes from Muskoka Blue and has some of the best hiking in the area.

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Oliver's Coffee

Best Coffee and Banana Muffins EVER!

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Any time of year the Muskoka Lakes Farm & Winery is our favourite place to visit!

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Dons Bakery

A Muskoka must!

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